Why did I do that?

So… in my rush to release for Halloween (not sure what that was about, but it acted as a great false deadline to push myself and get the novel finished) I decided that my title wasn’t arty enough for me. I guess I can put that down to last minute jitters or something but it ended up in me choosing what might be the most generic title possible for my book.

I was warned not to by those closest to me but I pressed on in a confusion of Scrivener compile settings and Amazon upload checkboxes. Had I done even the most rudimentary search of ‘A Dream of Darkness’ I might have found the three bajillion other books with titles made up of those words. Yep, it’s that popular.

Luckily Amazon do make it as easy as pie to upload new cover artwork and make changes to your title etc. So I shouldn’t have worried, plus the book has only sold 2 copies anyway. I think I got away with that one, so here’s the proper cover and title. The title I used for the eight months I spent writing and editing and then chose for no good reason other than blind panic to change…

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