Go Canada!

I don’t tend to check my Amazon sales reports very regularly as they’re usually just all zeros. But once a month I will flick it open just to make sure nothing ludicrous is happening. And, surprise surprise my debut horror novel The Hive isn’t really selling. And why should it be?

There’s an abundance of competition, I never really advertised it and I have little to no web presence. All copies sold so far have been from friends and family, all three of them!

So how did my book just manage to sell a copy in Canada? Amazon says it’s priced too high, 2.99USD is the recommendation and my book is up at 4.99USD. It’s not arrogance, just that it took a long time to write and I had to pay for editing. I’ll probably lower the price when I bring out some more books from the series but for now, that price feels like it’s worth what I put into it.

Until then, thank you, my mysterious Canadian customer! I will always write but to have someone actually put down money for one of my stories is very touching. I just hope that they didn’t hate it too much!

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